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Adrienne Bailon had a singing career with 3LW long before her Disney Channel days with The Cheetah Girls. Around the time The Cheetah Girls broke up in 2008, however, Bailon's laptop was reportedly stolen, and semi-nude photos of her were leaked on the internet. More recently, Bailon was the victim of a wardrobe malfunction when her dress revealed much more than she intendedat a New York City event.

URBAN DICTIONARY- Smilezoned  When you approach a member of...



When you approach a member of the opposite sex to ask them out and they respond with a pitying smile.

Robert confidently approached the blonde at the bar and offered to buy her a drink. She briefly turned to him, gave a pitying smile, then turned away as if nothing had happened. Robert, visibly deflated, slunk back to his friends. One turned to him sympathetically and said, 'Smilezoned again?' A dejected Robert nodded pathetically, then wept into his cheap off-brand vodka and cola.

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that police can swab a suspect for...

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that police can swab a suspect for DNA during an arrest—though prior to any trial or potential conviction—in cases of a "serious offense," with Justice Antonin Scalia joining three liberal justices in dissent. 

"I should get arrested with my son to see if he's really mine."



June 2009


Born May 25th 1985

Alexis Texas was born in the Panama military base but was raised in the San Antonio area of Texas. Texas is of German, Puerto Rican and Norwegian descent. Her first scene was in Shane's World's College Amateur Tour In Texas, filmed in October 2006, followed by a couple of scenes for Bang Bros in Florida. She then moved to Los Angeles and began shooting scenes for the LA Direct modeling agency in March 2007. Released in February 2008, Discovering Alexis Texas was directed by the adult actress Belladonna. In 2009 she formed her own business, Alexis Texas Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of Starlet Entertainment Group. Through SEG, she launched her official membership-based website. She has appeared in films from studios including Reality Kings, Muffia, Bang Bros, Brazzers, Wicked Pictures and Elegant Angel. She featured on the cover of Genesis magazine in April 2009, and Hustler magazine's 35th anniversary edition in June 2009.

In 2010, she was named by Maxim as one of the 12 top female stars in porn.

Happy 31st Birthday! Roxy Jezel Born 5 June 1982 in London,...

Happy 31st Birthday!

Roxy Jezel

Born 5 June 1982 in London, England) is a former British pornographic actress.

423 Titles
Years Active2003-2011 (Started around 21 years old)

JUNE 5TH IS - Environment Day- aims to raise awareness of the...


Environment Day-

aims to raise awareness of the importance of respecting and doing your bit for the environment. Why not walk to work rather than driving, or take steps to reduce your carbon footprint in other ways?

It turns out sunscreen does more than protect you from cancer...

It turns out sunscreen does more than protect you from cancer and painful sunburns — it offers a boost to simple vanity.

A new study finds that regular sunscreen use protects against photoaging: the wrinkling, spotting and loss of elasticity caused by exposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation.

While they may not be shocking, the findings — from Australian researchers — are the first to quantify sunscreen's anti-aging properties.

More than 900 participants were followed for four years. Some were told to use sunscreen daily and instructed in proper use, including re-applying sunscreen after being outside for a few hours, after going in the water or after sweating heavily.

Other participants were given no directions with regard to using sunscreen — it was considered unethical to ask them to not use it.

Skin changes were measured through a technique called microtopography, in which researchers made sensitive silicone impressions of the back of each participant's hand.

Chronic sun exposure damages trucker's skin through glass

"Skin surface patterns reflect the severity of the sun's damage to the deeper skin, especially to the elastic fibers and collagen," says Dr. Adele Green, the study's lead author.

Damage was measured on a scale from 1 to 6, with 1 signifying no damage and 6 meaning skin with severe aging. Participants were given a score at the start of a four-year period and another score at the end; those who used sunscreen daily were 24% less likely to show increased signs of aging, researchers found.

"We now have the scientific evidence to back the long-held assumption about the cosmetic value of sunscreen," says Green. "Regular sunscreen use by young and mid-aged adults under 55 brings cosmetic benefits and also decreases the risk of skin cancer."

The sun does damage with different types of radiation, according to Dr. Lawrence Gibson, a professor of dermatology at the Mayo Clinic. UV-B radiation is the primary cause of most skin cancers and is also the main cause of sunburns.

Photoaging is mostly caused by UV-A radiation, which robs the skin of its natural ability to hold its shape and also causes freckles and so-called liver spots.

"Your skin tries to protect itself, and makes all this splotchy pigment," says Gibson. "It's the body's response trying to protect itself from that bombardment."

What to look for when buying sunscreen

The new report, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, is part of a research project that has stretched for more than two decades, led by Green and colleagues at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research. The measurements were taken between 1992 and 1996, and patients used older types of sunscreens.

In theory, says Gibson, modern sunscreens should be even more effective.

"Back in the '90s, we didn't have many good UV-A sunscreens," he says. "Now, we have broad-spectrum sunscreens that block both UV-A and UV-B rays, although none of them block all the UV-A."

Video: The best sunscreens aren't necessarily the most expensive

While sunscreens have improved, Gibson cautions that they are no replacement for limiting total exposure, and avoiding intense sun during the middle part of the day.

He also notes that photoaging is not part of the natural aging process — it's avoidable.

"If you see a 90-year-old person, and look at a part of their body that has not been exposed to the sun, you don't see any photoaging," he says.

Anyone who spends time outdoors during daylight hours should use sunscreen, even if they have darker skin pigment and tan easily,the Mayo Clinic advises.

Children are especially susceptible to the sun's harmful effects. Babies under the age of 6 months should be kept out of direct sunlight because their skin is so fragile.

A word about SPF: It's not an indication of how much time you should spend in the sun. An SPF of 30 does not mean you can stay out twice as long as an SPF of 15, the clinic says. An SPF of 15 filters out about 93% of UV-B rays, compared to 97% for SPF 30.

Last year, the Environmental Working Group said it had found 25% of 800 tested sunscreens were effective without containing harmful ingredients. To make the watchdog group's safe list, sunscreens had to be free of oxybenzone, retinyl palmitate (a type of vitamin A), not have an SPF above 50 and protect against UV-A and UV-B rays.

The prestigious New York Hilton Midtown hotel announced it will...

The prestigious New York Hilton Midtown hotel announced it will discontinue food and drink service to its rooms beginning in August.

The hotel said room service is being replaced with a self-service Herb n' Kitchen stocked with food and drink items due to declining demand for room service in recent years, The New York Times reported Monday.

Workers at the hotel said guests often decided to go out to eat rather than order room service as a result of the high prices, which included a 15 percent service charge and a $5.50-per-person service fee.

THE MONTH OF JUNE TRIBUTE- Penthouse Pet of The Month June...


Penthouse Pet of The Month June 1994

Taylor Wane

June 1994 she was the Penthouse Pet of the Month Cover Model and Centerfold Pet of the Month June 1994, and was published several times in Penthouse at later dates.

She was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2005.[2] And later Inducted into the Legends Hall Of Fame.

THE MONTH OF JUNE TRIBUTE- Playmate Of The Month June...


Playmate Of The Month June 1987

Sandy Greenberg

Sandy Greenberg was born Sondra Elizabeth Greenberg on July 22, 1958 in Spokane, Washington. Sandy majored in art, theater, and mass communications in college. She moved from St. Louis to Los Angeles after getting divorced. Greenberg did her first pictorial for "Playboy" in the January, 1987 issue as her popular alter ego Maxine Legroom, who was a funky distaff variant on the famous cult character Max Headroom. Legroom was also featured in a dance video and comedy spots for the Playboy Channel. Sandy spent eight hours in make-up to become Maxine Legroom. Greenberg was the Playmate of the Month in the June, 1987 issue of "Playboy." She subsequently appeared in a couple of "Playboy" videos and posed for a bunch of "Playboy" newsstand special editions. An avid motorcyclist, Sandy was the spokeswoman for BMW motorcycles; she was featured on posters for their two-wheeler bikes.




Though the Ramada chain is supposed to be a step up from the "budget" category of hotels, it received lower scores in the CR survey than a number of budget chains like Super 8 and Red Roof Inn. It performed the worst in the "upkeep" category and received less-than-satisfactory ratings in value, comfort and service. In the JD Power survey, it received the lowest rating in all categories.

10 BEST U.S CITIES TO RETIRE IN- 2. Sarasota, Fla. Sarasota...


2. Sarasota, Fla.

Sarasota is a town of 52,000 on Florida's central west coast on the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay. Development began in the 1920s; the town has dozens of historically significant buildings and institutions. The community is considered by many to be the cultural capital of Florida, with an impressive array of cultural facilities. Ringling Brothers located the winter quarters of their circus in Sarasota. Their philanthropic legacy has made Sarasota a cultural powerhouse. The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art is one of the most impressive museums in Florida.

20 Porn Tube Reviews- 18. is one of the best...

20 Porn Tube Reviews-

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Happy 43rd Birthday! Holly Body Holly Body was born Rochelle...

Happy 43rd Birthday!

Holly Body

Holly Body was born Rochelle Trevis on June 4, 1970 in Encino, California. 

Holly first began performing in explicit hardcore movies in her early 20's in 1992; she appeared in a huge volume of X-rated features for such notable companies as Vivid, Sin City, Adam & Eve, Notorious, Totally Tasteless, and Leisure Time Entertainment. Among the men's magazines Body has modeled for are Gent, D-Cup, Cheri, Fox, Score, and Hustler Busty Beauties. (She also won the Miss West Coast Wet T-Shirt contest in 1993.) Holly took a hiatus from adult cinema in the late 1990's, but made an eventual comeback in 2003 sporting a radically different look and surgically enhanced breasts. She has since retired from the adult film industry.

174 Title

Happy 32nd Birthday! Lani Todd Lani Todd was born on June...

Happy 32nd Birthday!

Lani Todd

Lani Todd was born on June 4, 1981 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Lani was briefly the Cyber Girl of the Week for the first week of September, 2002 for the "Playboy" Cyber Club, but her photos were immediately pulled when she was chosen to be the Playmate of the Month in the December, 2002 issue of "Playboy." Todd appeared in a few "Playboy" videos and posed for a few newsstand special editions.

Happy 41st Birthday! Wendy Kaye  Wendy Kaye was born on May 5,...

Happy 41st Birthday!

Wendy Kaye

 Wendy Kaye was born on May 5, 1972 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Wendy was the Playmate of the Month in the July, 1991 issue of "Playboy." She graced the cover of the April, 1992 issue of the same popular men's magazine. Kaye was featured in many "Playboy" videos and posed for numerous "Playboy" newsstand special editions

Happy 42nd Birthday! Tanya Beyer Tanya Beyer was born on June...

Happy 42nd Birthday!

Tanya Beyer

Tanya Beyer was born on June 4, 1971 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Tanya was the Playmate of the Month in the February, 1992 issue of "Playboy." Beyer went on to pose for many "Playboy" special edition publications and was featured in a bunch of "Playboy" videos.


APRIL 5—After six months as a fugitive, a former Playboy Playmate of the Month has been arrested and jailed in Florida on felony charges of doctor shopping and trafficking in Oxycodone, the powerful painkiller.

Tanya Beyer, pictured in the mug shot at left, was nabbed late last month and is being held in the Palm Beach jail on $100,000 bond. Beyer, Playboy's Miss February 1992, was named last August in a probable cause affidavit accusing her of obtaining Oxycodone from three separate doctors. The affidavit, sworn by an investigator with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, alleges that Beyer, 38, was 'possibly doctor shopping as well as using and selling the scheduled II narcotics she was illegally obtaining.'

In early-October, police branded Beyer a fugitive, and sought the public's help in locating her via the Palm Beach Crime Stoppers program. On March 24, Beyer surrendered at the Palm Beach lockup, according to a sheriff's booking card, which lists her current state of residence as Colorado.

Happy 45th Birthday!! Stacy Arthur Stacy Leigh Arthur (born...

Happy 45th Birthday!!

Stacy Arthur

Stacy Leigh Arthur (born June 4, 1968 in Naperville, Illinois) is an American model and actress. She was chosen as Playboy'sPlaymate of the Month for January, 1991. In addition to her nude pictorial and centerfold in that issue, Arthur was featured on the cover, wearing a pageant-style banner that said "Miss January 1991." She continued working for Playboy, appearing in numerousPlayboy videos.

Arthur was also Mrs. Ohio for the 1990 Mrs. America contest.

Arthur's husband, Jim, was the victim of a murder-suicide by a fan named James Lindberg shortly after Stacy's appearance inPlayboy.[1]

Happy 38th Birthday! Angelina Jolie Born Angelina Jolie...

Happy 38th Birthday!

Angelina Jolie

Born Angelina Jolie Voight; June 4, 1975)

JUNE 4TH IS- Hug Your Cat Day Today is Hug Your Cat Day. Go...


Hug Your Cat Day

Today is Hug Your Cat Day. Go ahead and give your cat a big, furry hug.

Cat lovers can really get into this day. If you're a cat lover, you can really appreciate the warm, cozy feeling you get when you curl up on a couch or chair, and hug your cat. The only problem is, your cat will most likely only allow a brief hug before sauntering away. If your cat is a true hugger, count your blessings.

Dog lovers…sorry, but hugging your dog will not suffice. If you are going to be "into" this day, you simply must hug a cat…your cat.

You don't have a cat? You can correct this today. The month of June is "Adopt a Cat Month".

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